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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Who would have thought there would be such a difference between Stranger Things and Wednesday.

Netflix is ​​still the most popular streaming platform, and lately not necessarily just because they have the largest subscriber base, but also because they’ve been able to come up with some excellent products. beside that They also emphasized sharing of personal fileswhich also ultimately worked for them.

Through a new advertisement, it was revealed that the platform has shifted the metrics and now lists its projects according to viewership. This roughly means average viewing hours divided by total running time, and instead of the first 28 days of a movie or series, 91 days are included in the measurement. With this said, they want to ensure that new titles also have a chance of sufficient growth.

Going forward, this will be the metric on which Netflix compiles its top ten lists. And from the first such statement, it’s clear which series has become the streaming platform’s most-watched English-language production ever. Wednesday has officially climbed to the highest rung of the mock podium.

This feat is even more impressive when you consider that the series predated Stranger Things season 4, which otherwise had a longer overall running time — season 4 runs in at 13 hours, while Wednesday runs around 8 hours. Anyway, the series about the youngest member of the Adams family has 252.1 million views, ahead of Stranger Things’ 140.7 million. Among non-English series, Wednesday won’t even win with this one, since Squid Game is there, not a bit, since with 265.2 million views it leaves all other productions far behind.

Of interest among the films, Red Notice starring Gal Gadot’s trio, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds is the most popular English-language film on Netflix with 230.9 million views, followed by Don’t Look Up (171 million) and The Adam Project ( 157.6 million) stands.

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