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Apple is back, but it didn't cut an important feature in the iPhone – PCW

Apple is back, but it didn't cut an important feature in the iPhone – PCW

Cupertino residents withdrew the already announced measure before it was actually implemented.

The iOS 17.4 update should arrive sometime over the next few days, bringing more freedom to the operating system that powers the iPhone under the European Union's Digital Markets Act, allowing app stores to compete with the App Store and third-party payment channels and use alternatives. Browser engines.

Regarding the latter, Apple stated a few weeks ago that it was forced to end support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that run purely over the Internet without installation, because it cannot guarantee the security it wants on third-party engines. On the other hand, the decision aroused great indignation, and Cupertino residents have now unexpectedly retaliated in this case.

Apple recently announced in an official announcement that it will not ban web applications, which according to the plan so far would have acted as a simple browser tab in the future, resulting in the loss of functions such as managing notification badges or full screen UI.

“We have received requests to continue supporting Home Screen Web Apps on iOS, so that they remain available in the EU. This support means that Home Screen Web Apps will continue to be built directly on WebKit and its security architecture, and are compatible with iOS's native app security and privacy model.” “iOS.”

– says Apple's statement. Cupertino residents have finally overcome their security concerns in such a way that no matter what browser we use in the future, Progressive Web applications will definitely run with their Webkit engine. This wasn't a problem before, because until now all iOS browsers had to use Webkit, but the Digital Markets Act stipulates that Apple must lift this restriction.

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One can only guess what caused the sudden backwards face. On the one hand, in the PWA case, it was suggested that the EU would also launch an investigation, which may have frightened the Cupertinos, just as it is also possible that their legal team initially misinterpreted the provisions of the relevant legislation and mistakenly believed that they could no longer submit applications. Exclusively web based on Webkit.

Either way, iPhone owners can now rejoice, but the exact date the iOS 17.4 update will be released remains a mystery. In any case, Apple has until March 6 to comply with legislation related to digital markets, which means there may be a few days left at most until the package arrives.

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