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Another suspect in the EU-Czech Catalenic scandal

Another suspect in the EU-Czech Catalenic scandal

The National Tax and Customs Administration has questioned another person as a suspect in the EU financial scandal linked to Katalin Cheh on suspicion of committing budget fraud as an accomplice to a crime – revealed the prosecutor’s office in the capital, which is overseeing the operation, in its response to Hungarian Nemzyt.

They added: The man – who is also suspected of using a forged private document – filed a complaint against the suspect.

“The DC Attorney General’s Office dismissed the complaint as unfounded, as it was lawfully filed and well founded. There is no coercive action in this regard.” – announced the Magyar Nemzet Prosecutor’s Office, adding that according to well-founded suspicion, the man was an accomplice to the previous suspect in the case.

Seize billions of assets

It is known that NAV employees have already questioned a person in the case who is suspected of tax fraud in excess of half a billion. According to our information, the person is an official in a company linked to the Czech family company, whose interests have been seized by the investigation authorities in excess of billions. The now suspected man may have been his accomplice.

EU funds obtained in suspicious circumstances

The precedents of the investigation go back two years: the press began to deal with the scandal of circles linked to the Czech Catherine in the summer of 2021, after the revealing materials of the masked figure Anonymous, and the tax authority opened an investigation on suspicion of budget fraud.

Based on the public data, it was possible to conclude that the members of the network of companies linked to the family business of the Czech company Catalin applied for and received 4.8 billion HUF under suspicious circumstances.

NAV specialists have reviewed EU bids submitted in recent years by a network of nearly half a dozen economic firms. Subsequently, the investigators established that the companies applied for EU and domestic funds in a coordinated manner.

In many cases the company’s headquarters, branch office and director were the same, but more than once there was a match in the identity of the supplier and the location of the project.

The so-called holographic devices and technologies were included in the tenders. The last element is very important, since IRS officials estimate that network companies participated in at least ten bids in part with the same development. Investigators discovered that the same equipment was purchased in two tenders, and the same invoices were submitted multiple times to prove the use of EU funds.

They also assist in the investigation from the outside

In the case of cross-border tax evasion, the Hungarian authorities have already issued several requests for foreign legal assistance. The countries contacted included Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. The response came from the three countries, the Czech legal aid has already been assessed, and we know that information from the Prague District Prosecutor’s Office may confirm the suspicions.

Featured image: Katalin Cheh, representative of Momentum at the plenary session of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg on July 16, 2019 (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

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