The Taliban has threatened Washington -

The Taliban has threatened Washington –

Speaking to the British Sky News channel, Sohail Shaheen explained: If the United States or the United Kingdom asks for more time to continue the evacuations, the answer is no. He added that otherwise it will have consequences.

His statement comes in response to the possibility of former US President Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal of US forces beyond the August 31 deadline, under pressure from his allies.

London also took the initiative to postpone the evacuation date. And news agencies wrote that Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to persuade President Joe Biden in a virtual summit on Afghanistan held by Britain on Tuesday in the Group of Seven, which includes seven of the most developed countries.

Some British military commanders have said that Britain should keep its forces at Kabul airport so that it can continue evacuation efforts even if the Americans leave.

James Hebei, Secretary of State for the Armed Forces at Britain’s Ministry of Defense, told Sky News on Monday that there would be no international air transport without US support. But he stressed that the extension would also require Taliban approval.

Cover image source: Sefa Karacan / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

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