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Andy Toth rebuked his critics

Andy Toth rebuked his critics

No matter what Andy Toth does, negative opinions always find him somehow, and he can never get past them without saying a word. And that’s what happened now, when many people wondered if one of his posts was actually written by him. The singer responded harshly and also explained why she cursed so much.

Andy Toth published a more emotional post about Autumn, under which many people came forward and doubted whether he himself could write such an emotional, collaged message. The singer was very angry about this and insulted her critics. Andy Toth also asked himself that they think he’s stupid just because he doesn’t have a high school diploma.

I know it’s very difficult to overcome impartiality, but the perception is that if someone swears – because I swear, for example, if the situation requires me to get angry myself – that person is primitive. And then if we see clever writing from him, it’s probably not him, because he’s primitive. Just as we cannot be sure that a person who has a university degree or, for example, a high school diploma is intelligent. This is not certain. This is a very simple concept. In the countryside, they like to use this joker who says, “He doesn’t even have a high school diploma, he’s stupid, uneducated, and primitive.” I had a classmate a long time ago who graduated from high school, but he could barely read or write, no respect, nothing. But somehow the teachers pushed his ass. So you can’t know it. “In the same way that a rich person is not necessarily a fool, sometimes a poor person is not to be pitied or feared either,” he explained. Available for a limited time In his Instagram post, Andy Toth believes that intellectual intelligence is not enough, one must also be emotionally intelligent.

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