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Andras Varconi on the salary he received for dubbing: If it were not for theater and teaching, I would not have been able to earn a living either

Andras Varconi on the salary he received for dubbing: If it were not for theater and teaching, I would not have been able to earn a living either

According to Varkone, the wages received for dubbing are very low.

He stirred up standing water that day Black people John Post who wrote in a Facebook post about why it was not dubbed Liam Neeson In his next movie. According to the actor, they wanted to pay an amount equivalent to insulting the work.

Let's make it clear that for dubbing a film of a world star in the A-League – we are talking about 100 rolls, for me that would be like buying, maybe two tanks of gasoline, to provide 40,000 forints, which also includes the tax and the cost of gasoline, everyone knows that I live in rural areas – It's an insult as it is, a downright insult

“It is anonymous and faceless people who decide to work for decades, tearing away the needs and sympathy of viewers! Because of saving a few thousand forints,” wrote the actor who said.

Blake Make it sound Leave me alone Andras, who, like Sernas, has been dubbing for decades. Varconi confirmed to the newspaper that the situation in dubbing is not rosy:

“The truth is that simultaneous payments are decades behind in Hungary. The situation has improved somewhat, but the real value of gas cars today is worse than it was thirty or forty years ago: in the past, you could buy one for 80-100-150 forints.” Hungarian, and you can fill it out, and today's payments are now more unfortunate. Simultaneous acting is probably one of the stepchildren in our field. There are several categories: DVD films, feature films, but the length of the reel is also subjective, because when a professional disassembles the film, he determines “Where that reel begins and ends. If he works more generously, the actor gets more; if he has a lot of appearances, less. One always hopes he gets paid more.”

If it weren't for theater and teaching, I wouldn't be able to make a living from voice acting either.

We spoke with János Cernak five years ago about a similar case:

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