Originally, the Netflix series focused on just one team

Originally, the Netflix series focused on just one team

The Netflix series has managed to achieve widespread success as it presented scenes behind the scenes of Formula 1 while telling stories from the ring, all in dramatic decoration in an easily digestible way.

However, the now known formula could have looked completely different, as the original idea was just that Red BullA series of documents were prepared at DtS producer James Jay Rees In the fast lane Podcast.

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“It was only then that we started talking about tracking down Red Bull and making a series of them. We also explained this to Liberty Media, who said they had actually talked to Netflix about doing something about the whole sport.

“I’ve met several teams before. I was also in Abu Dhabi a few times before it all started. I also spent a lot of time with Red Bull and McLaren, as I knew a lot of people about Senna.”

“And now there are a lot of them at Aston Martin, so these people bounce back and forth sometimes.” According to Gay-Rees, Drive to Survive eventually became so successful because it was built just in time, after the takeover of Liberty Media, Americans wanted to make the sport more accessible.

Often these things depend on timing, and people have realized that they might need them now because everything has gotten so mundane and chill. So it all took an adrenaline rush. “

“But that’s just one thing you want to do in a good series, because you have to do it, which can often be annoying. It only takes time to add, it’s that simple. That’s why I think Season 3 is the best, because Everyone now understands what is needed and what is going on around it. “

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“Everyone is doing better, they are trying to give them better access, and it really depends on that. I have to say that Netflix is ​​an excellent partner on this. It’s good for everyone that they can perform this series, which was the first in the world on Netflix at its launch. “It’s very impressive,” the producer said.

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