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And now came the news of Princess Catalin: she had defeated him

And now came the news of Princess Catalin: she had defeated him

Princess Catherine's secret to a sweat-free five-hour flight has now been revealed, eight years after her stunning performance in Bhutan.

The soon-to-be Prince of Wales couple took a challenging trek in the Himalayas during their royal tour of Bhutan.

During their tour of India and Bhutan eight years ago, Princess Catherine and Prince William took a five-hour tour of a historic monastery. However, with a little help, the future Princess of Wales remained photo-ready even after the tour.

In April 2016, the spouses of the future Prince of Wales set off on a week-long tour of Asian countries Part of it was a tiring tour To the Tiger's Nest Monastery, a sacred Buddhist site in the Himalayas.

The royal couple met a group of hikers on their way up, according to one of them “No trace of sweat” On Vilmos or Catalin.

This may have been because Princess Catalin brought special companions with her on the trip: The royal couple were joined by hairdresser Amanda Cook-Tucker and their personal assistant, Natasha Archer.

The glam squad likely made sure Katalin was camera-ready with a few finishing touches before she greeted the press during the tour.

Archer is responsible for coordinating with designers and ordering all of Catherine's clothing and accessories, and Cook-Tucker has been working with the royal family since at least 2013. Both have joined the Princess of Wales on official trips and tours around the world over the years.

Katalin and Vilmos after the tour Photo: Getty Images

During the tour in the Himalayas, Prince Vilmos said: “Calm down!” Before the couple took a short photo in the spiritual place with a view.

So far, so good. Awesome.

Vilmos said.

On the way to the monastery, also known as Paro Taktsang, the royal family stopped to talk to three hikers from California who were on their way down the mountain.

“They are completely collected” – Lauren McKennan of San Francisco told reporters.

There was not a single trace of race on them. They stopped talking to us for three or five minutes and were very charming.

Inside the temple, built in 1692, is a cave of spiritual significance: the 8th-century Buddhist god Guru Rinpoche, who brought Buddhism to Bhutan, is said to have flown into the cave atop a nimbra before fasting for 90 days to fight demons. that inhabited the valley. The cave itself is only opened once a year in a special ceremony.

Katalin and Vilmos on a photo tour: Getty Images

Katalin and Vilmos on a photo tour: Getty Images

It's great that Katalin and Vilmos came here – Sonam Penjore of Bhutan's Information Department told reporters at the time.

Image of Katalin and Vilmos: Getty Images

Image of Katalin and Vilmos: Getty Images

“So he made some great shots, but he just couldn't get to the point.” Maybe the altitude affected it.” he added.

“I think his son and daughter-in-law wanted to hit him!” – joked the insider.


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