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According to a study, it is best to travel to this city by train from Budapest

According to a study, it is best to travel to this city by train from Budapest

Although there are constellations when it is better to take the train, flying is usually much cheaper due to various tax incentives. And this is not good.

At least according to Greenpeace, which compared train and plane ticket prices on 121 routes and concluded that Europe does not support green transport.

According to their analysis, train tickets cost on average twice as much as plane tickets for the same route, but if you want to get from London to Barcelona, ​​they can cost up to 30 times more by train than by plane.

Ten euro plane tickets can only exist because other people, such as workers and taxpayers, finance the real costs.

“For the sake of the planet and the people, politicians need to work to change this and make the train an affordable option,” said Lorelei Limousin, climate activist at Greenpeace.

On seventy-nine of the routes examined, train travel is often more expensive than flying, but on many routes there are days when the train is cheaper. However, on 23 tracks, of the nine days examined, the train won on eight or nine days with regular, reliable, fast services and tickets under €150 (about sixty thousand forints).

The best domestic line is found between Lisbon – Porto and Madrid – Barcelona,

And in terms of international travel, the Berlin-Prague, Zurich-Vienna and Prague-Budapest lines take the lead.

None of the best international railways touch the UK, France, Spain or Italy.

In Europe, airlines pay no tax on kerosene, there is little tax on ticket revenue, and emissions are priced only for flights within Europe, at a level below the social cost of carbon dioxide. According to a study by the Green Campaign Group for Transport and the Environment, European governments lost 34.2 billion euros in 2022 due to lower taxes on aviation, and this “tax gap” will increase to 47.1 billion euros by 2025.

“In short: those who travel are subsidized; those who travel by train are penalized higher fares and often longer travel times,” said Stefan Gosling, a professor at Linnaeus University in Sweden who studies aviation emissions.

At the same time, there are airlines that send their passengers by train, and more and more sleeper trains are starting to arrive.

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