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A woman received the best parting gift of her life from her ex-mother-in-law

A woman received the best parting gift of her life from her ex-mother-in-law

The discovery was made during a popular TV program on China Central Television (CCTV) in which experts estimate the value of various items brought by participants.

The woman divorced her husband not long ago due to irreconcilable differences, and received the antique bowl from her ex-mother-in-law, who insisted on giving the gift despite their separation, and wrote: Thaiger.

The young woman initially saw the gift as a simple bowl. However, his curiosity led him to the TV show to find out the true value of the gift.

Experts were shocked by this item, because it turned out to be very valuable, with a value of about 3 million yuan (about 147.9 million Hungarian forints).

The antique bowl is made of pure jade and dates back to the reign of Emperor Qianlong, approximately 300 years ago.

Not only did it have great historical and cultural value, but its meticulous craftsmanship and excellent preservation increased its value.

In the Budavari Palace neighborhood, archaeologists have found treasures

Archaeological excavations brought to light many valuable finds during the restoration of the former General Residence of Honvéd. Among other things, specialists found a medieval lead seal, a bronze medallion, numerous glass fragments and bottles made in Venice, Italy, and a 14th-century gold ring in the area of ​​the Budavari Palace.
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