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A scary monster has been found in the ocean

A scary monster has been found in the ocean

It was an unusual sight for the Australian man who found the body of a terrifying creature on the beach grass during what was supposed to be a fun afternoon stroll on the beach.

A frantic guessing contest began over the origin of the horror-like corpse

On March 21, 2022, Alexander Tan was walking on the beach in Maroochydore in Queensland, Australia, when he noticed something quite unusual and terrifying. At first Alexander thought it might be a dog lying on the beach sand, but when he took a closer look at the motionless creature,

He realized that the animal carcass lying on the beach might not be a dog, but something entirely different.

“It was very strange,” Tan recalls of his terrifying discovery. elf science According to the Scientific Portal report.

Some, with their feverish imaginations, thought they recognized an alien in the strange corpseSource: Alexander Tan/The Economic Times

“Human-like claws, long lizard tail, opossum-like nose, and patches of black fur on the body,” Alexander Tan summed up his first impressions. The creature was very strange indeed, with human-like hands and a reptilian-like skull, which, as seen below, is also clearly visible in the embedded video.

Tan also posted a video of the body on social media, writing on his post that he would invite anyone who could identify the dead creature to a delicious lunch. Following Tan’s video, a massive online guessing contest emerged about the origin of the body.

There was a feverish speculative contest over the origin of the “monster.”Source: Alex Tan Storyful

According to some, the remains of a kangaroo, i.e. a medium-sized species of kangaroo native to Australia, could have been washed ashore by the ocean, but there were commentators with more vivid imaginations, who believed that the carcass of an unlucky animal was an alien, i.e. the body Mysterious, washed ashore.

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The zoology professor gave a professional, if disappointing to some, answer

“After consulting with my colleague Heather Janetsky from the Queensland Museum, we were absolutely certain that it was a fox cub bloated by decomposition and missing its fur,” the strange corpse said. mailman For a British newspaper, Stephen Johnston, professor of zoology at the University of Queensland. “The skull and hind limb provide the necessary clues for identification. “The animal likely entered the ocean during the flood,” the university zoology expert added.

According to the zoology professor, the flood may have pushed the fox cub into the oceanSource: Alexander Tan

Common fox Kakuzu ( Trichosaurus vulpicola ) to a subclass of marsupials ( marsupial ) are a small to medium-sized mammal species that can be found in almost all forest areas of Australia and Tasmania. The animal’s head trunk is on average 35-55 cm long, to which is also added a nearly equally long tail of 25-40 cm used for stability. For a long time, the stuffed fur of the brown Kakuzu fox was a sought-after commodity in the Australian fur trade.

The Kakuzu fox is a species of marsupial mammal widespread in AustraliaSource: Wikimedia Commons/Bryce McQuillan

Kakuzu the fox lives alone and is usually nocturnal. Its diet consists primarily of leaves, berries, fruits, and flowering plants, as well as eggs and bird droppings. It relies mainly on its excellent sense of smell to find food.

The Kakuzu fox is a nocturnal animal that lives in forestsSource: Wikimedia Commons/JJ Harrison

Depending on their conservation status, they are not considered an endangered species, but in New Zealand, where they have been introduced and where they have reproduced excessively – where they cause serious damage by destroying trees – they can be hunted freely.

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