Record heat in the western United States, flash floods in the east

Many temperature records were broken in the prolonged heat wave in September that hit the western states of the United States, and in California residents were still urging residents to conserve electricity, while in the eastern part of the country it had to be declared Emergency due to floods.

In several parts of California, the temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius: in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, almost 40 degrees were measured, in Santa Ana the temperature was 43 degrees Celsius, and in Burbank the temperature exceeded 44 degrees Celsius. In the last two locations, this is the highest temperature value ever, which was measured on September 4.

According to forecasts, the heat will remain in northern California and the northwestern states of the United States for the next few days, with temperatures reaching 43 degrees Celsius in some places.

In California’s capital, Sacramento, they’re already expecting September to be the hottest month ever:

The temperature on Monday was 42 degrees Celsius, and on Tuesday it could reach 45 degrees. In some parts of neighboring Arizona and Nevada, temperatures in excess of 45 degrees are also expected this week.

Last weekend, California’s independent grid operator asked the public to refrain from using equipment with high energy consumption during the upcoming heat wave and, if possible, not to charge their electric vehicles as well.

The state’s largest commercial electricity provider has urged its customers to reduce electricity consumption “where possible”. They recommended not to use vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers during the peak electricity consumption period, after 4 pm, and not to set the thermostat for air conditioners at 25-26 degrees Celsius.

Amid the heat, the wildfires that have hit the state have also spread.

Over the weekend, thousands of people were evacuated, and the fires also reached the inhabited settlements. The fire department said Monday that Wade Township firefighters found two bodies in the area affected by the blaze. In addition to the wildfire, a sawmill in Wade City caught fire under mysterious circumstances, aggravating the situation.

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A preparedness order was issued on Monday due to the risk of heavy rain and flash floods in the eastern part of the United States. Major cities at risk of flooding include Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati, New York, and Boston.

Due to flash floods in some parts of southern Georgia, the state’s governor ordered a state of emergency declared on Sunday. CNN reported that 8 to 10 inches of rain fell in a short period of time, inundating roads, buildings and inundating cars in Chattoga and Floyd counties.

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