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4 places you should never put houseplants!

4 places you should never put houseplants!

For your houseplant to feel comfortable, it doesn't really matter where you put it!

There are places in the apartment that are not worth it My house plantto pack

On top of the refrigerator

Although it may seem surprising, But a plant Placing it on top of the refrigerator is always a bad idea. First, unless the refrigerator is directly in front of a window, the plant will not get enough light to grow. Refrigerators are often built-in, but if you have little space at the top, it is usually dark and gloomy, which is not good for any plant. In addition to poor lighting, the temperature and humidity at the top of the refrigerator are not ideal for most plants. The humidity around the refrigerator is usually low. If we add to this the heat that the device emits during operation, it can cause problems for plants.

Indoor plants, where not to put them!

Near the radiator

Plants placed near a heater are exposed to very high temperatures and low humidity, which is not ideal for most plants. The ideal distance from the heater varies depending on the type of plant. For example, succulents, which generally require minimal care, can do well next to a radiator, but keep them about one meter away from the radiator. However, for plants that require higher humidity, keep a distance of at least 3 meters from the heater.


Don't place plants – especially tropical houseplants – in the corners of the room. Corners are often dark, and such a place will not be good for your houseplants to grow. Since about half of the plant faces the wall, it simply does not get enough sunlight to thrive and may end up losing its leaves. If you have no other choice, choose plants that require less light, such as ferns.

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Above the microwave

Just as plants should not be placed on top of the refrigerator, the same applies to a microwave oven. The reason for this is twofold. First of all: Microwaves emit heat while they operate, which can create a poor growing environment for plants. Secondly, it is not a good idea to store things on top of the microwave. When using a microwave oven, plants and other objects can block the ventilation holes and prevent the appliance from working properly. Heavy objects such as large indoor plants can damage the top or overall structure of the microwave oven.

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