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1.4 billion revenue from UEFA to date »No. 129.

1.4 billion revenue from UEFA to date »No. 129.

This is what the EKL Group circle means financially and operationally so far.

The coefficient question is simple: we have collected 2.5 points so far, this is the guaranteed number, we cannot collect less than this, but we can collect more. A win equals two points, and a draw equals one point. One point dropped from the 2018-19 season out of the five-year total this year, so we currently stand at 28.5 points – 7 in 2019-20, 5 in 2020-21, and 3 in 2021-22. While last year we collected 12 points.

Premier League group leaders last season achieved between 8 and 29 points (average 12), West Ham United 29, group rival Fiorentina 20, AZ Alkmaar 19, Lech Poznan 14, Djurgarden 13, Basaksehir, Nice, Slovan, Anderlecht, Villarreal Five 12-12. , Gent 11, while Partizan, Dnipro, Sivasspor and Cluj collected 8-8 points.

As for money, the group stage costs €2.94m, and the ‘performance-based’ income calculated on the basis of a 10-year factor is €667,500 – unfortunately, we’re only 18th out of 32 teams. That’s a total of 3,607,500 euros so far, which is 1.378 billion HUF at today’s average exchange rate. And there will still be income from the deliberately overcomplicated “watch hat” (maximum several hundred thousand euros), as well as income after the results. . A win is worth half a million euros, and a draw is only a third. In the event of a tie, the remaining 166,667 euros in the treasury will be distributed to the clubs in proportion to the victories. The first place in the group means 600,000 euros, and the second place means 0.3 million euros.

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