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ZMSE organized its fourth competition

ZMSE organized its fourth competition
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ZMSE organized its fourth competition

The Zöldmező Equestrian Association organized a horse race for the fourth time on Saturday, September 16. In the event, which was organized in cooperation with the Hungarian Federation of Recreational Equestrian Sports, a total of 11 riders nominated by the federation competed 129 times in 17 different events.

In the skill, show jumping and dressage categories, the Zoldemizo Equestrian Association competitors achieved the following results:

The Skilled Trunk Practitioner – No Beginners REV 16
They ran a flawless course:
Bana biburka toth
Petra speaks
Sarah Beto Gallo
Dominique Cherry
Little Endre
Demeter is mortal
Vinci Vivian
Akos Firenze
Oliver Tabody
Amelia Letty Series
Mirela Szabo
Hanna Yuhasz
Isabella Varga
Tabodi Bhuyan

4 False Points: Buddha Norina

Beginner Horse Skill Class – Without REV 2 Beginner
First place: Petra Beto Gallo
Second place: Lena Hegedes

Beginner Skill – Under 10 – Without REV 10 Beginners
Second place: Sarah Abate Toth
Third place: Aaron Zinti Toth

Beginner Skill – 10+ – No REV 14 Beginner
First place: Ceres Titanella
Third place: Tsuka Leela
Eighth place: Denis Zalan
9th place: Zoe Zelia Szegedy
11th place: David Antal
13th place: Katalin Timea Petrucci
Fourteenth place: Esther Mira Naji

Skill Error Time – No Start REV 17
First place: Tsuka Leela
Second place: Zoe Zelia Szegedy
Third place: Sarah Banfi
Fourth place: Sarah Abate Toth
Fifth place: Judit Greta Mazaros
Sixth place: Sarah Naji
8th place: Beto Gallo Pana
Ninth place: Zsouza Szabo
Eleventh place: Esther Dubos
Twelfth place: Victoria Sara Rosa
Fourteenth place: Denis Zalan
Fifteenth place: Eszter Ildico Kiss
16th place: Rebecca Nagy Marton

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Skill Light Style – No triggers REV 9
First place: Aaron Zinti Toth
Second place: Rica Hannah Tortelli
Eighth place: Judit Greta Mazaros

Skill Light Error Time – No Triggers REV 11
First place: Esther Dubos
Second place: Borbala Kukai
Fourth place: Judit Greta Mazaros
Ninth place: Sarah Banfi
10th place: Rica Hannah Tortelli

The skill is difficult I. WITHOUT REV 7 BEGINNERS
First place: Esther Dubos
Second place: Barbara Toth
Zoe Dennis has been disqualified

Skill Point Collector is open to 5 beginners
Second place: Diana Jagger

Show Jumping X – 9 Beginners Open
Second place: Diana Jagger
Fifth place: Barbara Toth
8th place: Zoe Dennis

Jump width with error time 50-60 cm – without prefixes REV 5
First place: Timea Bajki

Show jumping 60-70 cm – 3 starts opened
First place: Timea Bajki

Show jumping 70-80 cm in two stages, open
First place: Noemi Hanka Ladani

Show jumping width 80-90 cm – open
First place: Noemi Hanka Ladani

E8 Dressage Program 10 Beginners
First place: Eszter Szabo
Fifth place: Laila Hatfani
Seventh place: Barbara Toth
Ninth place: Janka Gulyas

The association would like to thank the sponsors for their assistance, without whom it would have been impossible to implement the competition at such a high level:

DÉL-100 kilo feet
Rollspeed CVT
ÚT-ÉP-KER 97 kilo feet
Félegyházi Pekség Kft
Bossa kft
fornite cvt
Laptop service
Saler Sport Hungary Peter Toth and his family
GS-ÉP paw kft
Csaba Tóth and his family
Andras Gemis and his family
Robert DuBose and his family
Laszlo Mazaros and his family
Zoltan Dennis and his family
Kiskunviljehaza Municipality
Joseph Tabudi and his family
Anita Szabo and her family
ZMSE coaches: Adam Eneko, Eszter Szabo, Fani Fazekas
ZMSE Parents Community

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