You can win an 83-year Netflix subscription with Immortal Guard

You can win an 83-year Netflix subscription with Immortal Guard

Many of you have probably already watched The Immortal Guard starring Charlize Theron, which debuted on Netflix recently. It is an unsuccessful adaptation of a comic book, the protagonists of which are immortal, marketers of streaming providers have considered one and announced a contest, the winner of which will be enriched with a permanent subscription to Netflix.

Well, your subscription won’t really last forever, “only” for 1000 months, or 83 years, so even your grandchildren will likely use it for the winner if there is Netflix. In sum, the so-called tie game is made for the immortal goalkeeper, that is, adjusting the video player at the timing of the premiere and unfortunately it does not take much for the first Blake, which is activated today at 17:00 On this page. It’s the best browser-animated thing where you can control Theron’s character, Andromache of Skythi. By type, every opponent in front of us must be hit with a double-edged Andromache ax.

This is how the game should be visualized

The game follows the events of the movie anyway, and it is very faithful to the basic idea that even though we are dead, we cannot die, we just slow down more and more, which makes it hard to get a high score. However, the person who achieves the highest score by July 19 will win the relevant Netflix subscription.

good luck!

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