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You can even work with Jabba during the Star Wars Outlaws

You can even work with Jabba during the Star Wars Outlaws

  • Massive Entertainment revealed some details about Star Wars Outlaws related
  • Among other things, we can also work with Jabba during the adventure
  • In fact, we can even tell you

It is being made in the workshop of Massive Entertainment (and about a dozen other teams are helping with the development). Star Wars Outlaws It really confused us during Ubisoft’s last presentation, because we didn’t think we’d see such a comprehensive, high-quality presentation of the game. Kay Wess and Nix’s adventure will be the first creation of an open world in the galaxy far, far away, and as a result, we’ll be able to visit many planets during the adventure – and the creators have already stated that we won’t find randomly generated content or locations on any of them. The size of the planets can also be said to be quite impressive (and hopefully that’s also true of the content), and the team also revealed some new details to IGN during San Diego Comic-Con.

Among other things, the fact that the new area seen during the show, the moon called Toshara, is inspired by the savanna of East Africa, and the location is designed in such a way that we can use the chariot of the heroine, which can be customized to some extent. So we got many plains and open areas, and the creators visited Tanzania for inspiration. Lucasfilm creative director Matt Martin added that the “80/20” rule is used when creating terrain, which means that 80% of the world is built from familiar elements (keeping in mind the example of the savannah skyline in East Africa), and only the remaining 20% ​​is a product of imagination. the OutlawsHowever, we could also visit familiar sites, including the near-unmissable Tatooine (or Tatuin in Hungarian), which of course we stopped off a couple of times. It might be good news for them that even though the desert planet may seem cliché, it will be a real experience to explore the crime-infested city of Mos Eisley with this level of visuals, and the best thing is that we can even serve Jabba, doing some chores for the legendary Hutt. At the same time, one of the most important parts of the game is the turn system, and from here you can already guess that if you feel like it, you can betray the character to the underworld – of course, it does not hurt to consider the consequences of this. the Star Wars Outlaws It will be released in 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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