It is reported that the crew was not injured.

The Houthi rebels in Yemen announced on Friday that their naval forces carried out an operation in the Gulf of Aden against the British oil tanker Marilyn Luanda, which led to a fire breaking out on the ship as a result of the attack.

Jahija Zaria, spokesman for the Hozi militants, announced in a statement that an “appropriate number of missiles” had been fired at the ship.

Earlier, Embry and UKMTO, the British maritime security company, announced that they had received reports that a ship had been struck in the Red Sea, near Aden, Yemen, and that it had caught fire on board. “The vessel is requesting assistance. The UKMTO said the authorities are aware of this and are taking the necessary measures.

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According to Ambrey, the incident occurred 55 miles southeast of Aden, where a missile struck a commercial ship, but its crew was not reported harmed.

The Iran-backed Shiite Houthi rebels, who control Yemen's most populous region, have been attacking ships in the Red Sea with drones and missiles since November 19 in protest against the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, which they say is linked to Israel. We wrote more about Iran's role and the Al-Hawzi attacks on hvg360: