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Women’s soccer could be as popular as men’s soccer, according to the FIFA president
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Women’s soccer could be as popular as men’s soccer, according to the FIFA president

Gianni Infantino gives an exclusive interview to Euronews.

The FIFA World Cup in Australia opens up new horizons for women’s football, as evidenced by the interest in the venues and watching radio programs – sums up the atmosphere that prevailed in Sydney after the competition, reports Euronews. The FIFA president asked about the future of women’s football.


Gianni Infantino, so happy and proud that this was the biggest and most colorful women’s football tournament ever. Full stadiums, busy streets, happy people. Australia and New Zealand were both great hosts. The broadcast attracted 2 billion viewers, 2 million in the stands. Many records have been broken. There were surprises, no results that could not be expected. Eight new entrants and a new world champion.

Our reporter asks the FIFA President about the future.

According to Gianni Infantino, the future clearly belongs to women’s football. He claims that this is not just a PR commission, but that this is what the facts and figures indicate. Obviously, this success will be stronger, and the popularity of women’s football will increase. It is difficult to compete with men’s football, but now we have seen a kind of breakthrough. From there, the path is open for it to become as big as the Men’s World Cup.

And the Euronews correspondent adds that those he spoke to agree that this has changed the way people think about sports. Wherever the next heyzín is, 2027 is expected to be even bigger than in Australia and New Zealand.

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