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Will the parking fee be paid at Árkád Szeged from 1 September?

Will the parking fee be paid at Árkád Szeged from 1 September?

As the public was informed at the beginning of August, Árkád Szeged will offer paid parking in the shopping center. By the way, our portal sent an email inquiry about paid parking just before the news was published, but we have not had a response since then, and if this changes, we will of course publish it. It has long been known that you can’t park for free forever in Szeged Árkád, which has 1,300 parking spaces. There were reports that the parking lot hours would change, as many people parked for free at the mall. We understand that many Arcade tenants have complained of difficulty finding a parking space, which has caused stress. Of course, this was especially evident in the underground parking garage, where it was hard to find a spot in the basement already in the early morning.

By the way, Árkád Szeged was created on the site of the former Szeged Hemp factory. The construction of the huge complex began in March 2008, and it opened to the public in October 2011. According to information from our portal, the company then agreed with the city not to pay parking fees for a period of 10 years ending in 2021, but vehicles can still use it for free, which will now change.

What can definitely be said is that it has become a popular parking spot for the people of Szeged, because it is free and because a large part of it is also covered, so the vehicles are safe from the elements. Several people have benefited from this, and there is a car that has been gathering dust for several months now. By the way, our portal knows that all cars that have been in Árkád for a long time will be taken to the paid place.

The construction of the barrier and the paid parking system is still underway, and it is not yet known exactly from which day in September the fee will be paid. One thing is for sure, efforts indicate making it free from September 1st, which may be delayed, however, as unforeseen problems arise during construction.

Therefore, the most likely date is September 1, but we have also heard of a version according to which parking fees are paid only on September 14. The new parking system is currently being constructed, the exact date will become certain after the handover of the parking meters and barriers, that is why the application date is flexible.

Parking will be charged from September, but what is the cost? So far, we are aware of the following tariff:

from Monday to Friday:

The first hour: free of charge

Two o’clock: 200 HUF

Three o’clock: 400 HUF

Every additional hour is 400 HUF

From Saturday to Sunday:

The first hour: free of charge

The second hour: free of charge

Three o’clock: 200 HUF

Four o’clock: 400 HUF

Every additional hour is 400 HUF

According to the plans, ECE will enable tenants to purchase monthly employee passes linked to the license plate at a discounted rate of HUF 12,500 per store.

According to them, parking is a working time, that is, in 8 hours, with a little allowance, it costs about 3000 HUF on weekdays, which is not cheap, but the car is in a covered place, although it is not protected. Just for comparison, a daily ticket costs 2,000 HUF in the Honvéd tér Tisza car park, where you can park your car on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm.

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