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Why aren’t custom ROMs popular anymore?

Why aren’t custom ROMs popular anymore?

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Many of you probably know that Xiaomi’s first product was MIUI, in 2010. They didn’t have their own phone that year, so they ported MIUI to phones that were popular at that time, so it was also considered as a custom or unique ROM. Since then, of course, we refer to it as a factory ROM, because it’s on their phones, tablets, and so on. It just works.

In the past, custom ROMs held a special place in the hearts of Android fans, as they offered many features and performance improvements unlike regular ROMs. It allowed users to tweak their devices, customize the user interface, and breathe new life into old smartphones. However, over the years, custom ROM popularity has declined and the once thriving community has lost some of its momentum.

But why has CUSTOM ROM been so delayed? These are the possible causes.

Complex installation

Installing CUSTOM ROM can be a daunting task for many users. The process often involves unlocking the bootloader, installing TWRP Recovery, flashing the ROM, and dealing with potential compatibility issues. There is also a risk of voiding your warranty or even crashing your device during the installation process. These complexities and risks have prevented ordinary users from venturing into the world of custom CDs.

Advanced factory systems

One of the main reasons why custom ROMs are losing their appeal is the huge improvement in custom ROMs made available by smartphone manufacturers. In recent years, manufacturers have invested heavily in improving their user interfaces, improving system performance, and fixing past issues to make ROMs stable and reliable. As a result, the need to install custom ROMs is reduced for a smoother experience.

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Lack of privacy and security

In recent years, cyber security and data protection have become major issues for smartphone users. Factory ROMs are generally considered more secure because they undergo rigorous testing and receive timely security updates from manufacturers. On the other hand, custom ROMs, especially those developed by independent developers, may not provide the same level of security and may pose a potential risk to users’ data.

Increase hardware support

In the past, custom disks have proven to be a popular option for extending the life of older hardware by providing updated software after the manufacturer’s support period. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, the latest smartphones are equipped with powerful hardware that enables them to run the latest official software with ease. As a result, there is less need to install custom ROMs on modern devices.

The source code is closed

Another factor contributing to the decline in popularity of custom ROMs is that smartphone manufacturers have incorporated closed source features. With the advent of proprietary software and exclusive features built into factory ROMs, users tend to stick to official systems. These special features often become unavailable or unstable when using custom ROMs, forcing users to choose the most reliable factory experience.

The most popular custom CDs

Here are some popular custom ROMs for Xiaomi and other phones. Every ROM is developed for a specific purpose, so you may find certain features in one ROM while another lacks them. Let’s check out the list of the best and most popular custom ROMs for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices.

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Currently, there is a unique MIUI ROM, which is the most famous in the whole world, beside the factory. and that is, which is still regularly supported. Much of it is based on the Chinese MIUI interface, but the global ROM has also been modified to keep common oriental features.

Are you using a custom ROM? Did you also start with MIUI that year? Write in the comments what you have or how long you have been using MIUI!

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