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What happened? Janos Brodi-Nyugati Fini has disappeared

What happened?  Janos Brodi-Nyugati Fini has disappeared

Unable to access.

We wrote that he was sentenced to two years in prison in America John Brodie His son is accused of hacking into the bank where he worked after he was fired. San Francisco court three The son of the well-known Hungarian musician, who was the owner of a famous financial institution in San Francisco, was also convicted of the charge First Republic Bank He was his employee until it was discovered that he had connected a data transmission containing pornographic graphic content* to his protected device connected to the internal system.

According to information, Janos Brody cannot be reached. the Hints It has been known since it was revealed that the musician’s 38-year-old son pleaded guilty to the charges against him,

Janos Brody has disappeared.

They wrote that the musician does not answer anyone’s phone, is unreachable, is practically isolated from everyone, and did not even go to the Illés Klub event planned for last weekend.

“It’s very deep,

He is the type of person who, when faced with a serious problem, withdraws from the world and tries to process what happened on his own. Maybe he’ll write it down

– Meet Janos Brodi.

The legendary musician posted an excerpt from the eloquent song on his page on the social networking site on Monday evening.

“Be kind, quiet and silent, and bear with a wise smile when you are hurt. Be a river, and when winter comes, you will have a shield solid and white as snow…”

Music books.

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(Janos Brody/Facebook)


The son of the famous Hungarian musician has been sentenced to prison

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