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Wet World Cup: “It’s not worth conceding 21 goals from the Japanese”

Wet World Cup: “It’s not worth conceding 21 goals from the Japanese”

As mentioned, the Hungarian women’s water polo team defeated host Japan in the group stage of the Fukuoka World Championships in a 47-goal match in their second match. Hungarian winger Kata Hajdu and national team captain Attila Biro also criticized the 21 goals conceded.

Kata Hajdu scored five goals (Photo: Anikó Kovács/MVLSZ)
Dalma Domsuday, center of the Hungarian national team: – It’s a great experience to play for the Hungarian national team, although I was already a member of the team in Split, but the World Cup is completely different. It was a very interesting game, though we expected it to be a high-scoring game. The blocks were not in place, although we knew they would be shooting from everywhere, they still managed to surprise us.
Poglarka Nesemelli, the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team: – The match was very chaotic, and we knew that this is how the Japanese play, but it really confused us. We got ourselves into this tighter game. Against the New Zealanders, we can’t have any other objective than to score as few goals as possible and put our defense together, because obviously we have to do better than that from now on.

He scored five goals from five shots in his first World Cup match. Are you satisfied with the start?
“However, we didn’t defend well, to put it mildly, either.” Tell Kata Hajo. – It turned into a handball match, which may have been interesting for the spectators, but it is not appropriate for us to concede 21 goals to the Japanese. Personally, it was an amazing experience, I had a lot of support from the girls and crew members to get through the baptism of fire.

– How happy were you when Rita Kechtelli gave you the opportunity to complete the 5-metre race?
– I was nervous, but I tried things in this match that I could use against stronger opponents. I try to take the positives with me and correct the negatives with the team.

– Despite his five goals, he has all the hats in his hands, as the youngest, is that also your task at this time?
– The crew helps me, which makes my job easier, but I don’t see it as a burden, because after all, I can take water bottles, caps and balls for a bronze medal Olympic team, so it’s a fun job.

Attila Bor, the captain of the Hungarian national team, was not happy with the many goals achieved

Can this match be evaluated professionally?
– Not real… – answered Judge Attila. “I expected that, but with fewer goals scored.” If you look at it on the positive side, it’s great that we scored twenty-six goals against a not very weak team and beat them by more than the Olympics, but if you look at the negative side, the number of goals is clearly not satisfying. We went to kamikaze water polo, which we obviously didn’t like, and the girls had a hard time adjusting to it.

“Which side do you personally look at?”
“It would be better if we scored fewer goals, but conceded less as well.” The match may be entertaining for the crowd, but not so much on the beach.

“Were you at least satisfied with the new recruits?”
– Yes, I’m glad they made their debut at the World Cup, successfully and in a good way. I’m sure they will be better, even against the New Zealanders. We hope they improve in the future – them and the team.

More on the match here!

Water toilet, Fukuoka
Water polo
Group round, round 2
group d

Hungary-Japan 26-21 (5-4, 8-6, 7-5, 6-6)
Fukuoka, 400
view. a: Schwartz (Israeli), Ohm (German)
Hungary: Magyari – GURISATTI 4, SZILÁGYI D. 4, Máté Zs.1, Parkes 1, Keszthelyi 3, VÁLYI V. 4. exchange: Neszmély (goalkeeper), HAJDÚ K. 5, Leimeter 3, Rybanska, Dömsödi 1, Faragó K. union captain: Judge Attila
Japan: Kavatasiro 1 – Kitamura, Inaba 2, Kudo 2, Sitara, ARIMA 7, URA 2. exchange: Kawaguchi 2, Tsunabe, Goto, Nishiyama 4, Inoue 1. union captain: Joji Omoto
Target Advantage – Man: 10/7 or 9/7
Objective – Man’s Weakness Advantage: -, or 1/0
Target – from five meters: 3/3 or 3/3
Referred to: Gorisati (pg. 29), Kudo (pg. 30), Sunabe (pg. 32)
master scale
Yuji Omoto: – We’ve been in competition with a very strong Hungarian national team for a very long time, we’ve given everything, we’ve scored many goals, that’s enough for now, but I don’t feel inferior.

In the other match of the group:
Canada and New Zealand 13-11 (7-4, 1-3, 3-0, 2-4)

D-group position
1. Hungary 2 2 37-31 4
2. Canada 2 1 1 23-22 2
3. New Zealand 2 1 1 28-29 2
4. Japan 2 2 37-43 0

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