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Weekend horoscopes for April 6-7, 2024: Quiet Saturday, active Sunday

Weekend horoscopes for April 6-7, 2024: Quiet Saturday, active Sunday

Saturday may seem a little slow and sleepy, but come Sunday afternoon, the dice will roll and you will be completely replaced. It is worth choosing an active program, which will keep you going throughout the week.

Aries weekend horoscope

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you'll be like someone who can't take off their pajamas. Maybe you could really benefit from more sleep and rest. If you can, stay in bed, even all day! You will find yourself as of Sunday afternoon, and from here your strength will return.

Aries April

Taurus this weekend

If your friends insist you to join them, accept the invitation! If that's better for you, of course they can come to you! According to heavenly processes, the goal is to surround yourself with cheerful, creative, and entertaining people!

Taurus April

Gemini weekend horoscope

Three planetary conjunctions in two days will open new doors for you regarding your career. Even though it's the weekend, you have to think about your future. This isn't selfish, your partner and family will also benefit if you earn more and love your work…


Gemini April

After a sleepy Saturday mood, everything changes on Sunday (Shutterstock)

Cancer weekend horoscope

You can get carried away with events, the planets are in your favor now. But you shouldn't complain either during or after! Trust in the goodness of fate! No matter the outcome, the ending is guaranteed to be a happy one, and you will move forward full of experiences.

Cancer zodiac sign april

Leo horoscope at the end of the week

The alignment of the three planets for the weekend also warns you to think about all the expenses! Money is literally flowing out of your hands, have you noticed that? The situation has suddenly improved a lot as of Sunday afternoon, after which shopping gets the green light. Take the advice of the planets!

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Leo zodiac sign, April

Virgo weekend horoscope

According to the trine planetary alignment, on the first weekend of April, you have to relinquish decision and control. It won't be a disaster if you follow your partner's idea or someone else's idea now. Try it and you'll realize it's not so bad.

Virgo April

Libra weekend horoscope

Your planet, Venus, is already in Aries, indicating an opportunistic person. He probably means well, but he doesn't express himself well. Your weekend will be peaceful if you respond peacefully to everything and everyone.

Libra April

Scorpio this weekend

Good for you, because the first weekend of April will be full of plans and excitement. All your ideas are good, although not all of them are current. Write them all down, and you'll see which ones take priority and which ones can wait to be implemented!

Scorpio month April

Sagittarius weekend horoscope

Do you hate it? Are you procrastinating? This weekend is a good time to put the house in order. The moon is still waning, which helps and even makes this work more effective. Don't worry, as of Sunday afternoon, the Moon enters a fire sign and accelerates, and you can get some well-deserved relaxation…

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Sagittarius April

Capricorn weekend horoscope

Within two days – on Saturday and Sunday – there will be three planetary conjunctions in the sky, according to which you should drive with your eyes and ears open, because important information may come. At the same time, you have to stay alert on the roads. Moreover, you have to take care of yourself instead of others.

Capricorn April

Aquarius weekend horoscope

At the end of this week, you should review your finances not in terms of numbers, but in terms of priorities. According to Pisces Moon and the other three planets in Pisces, don't make up your mind yet. It is enough to pour clean water into the glass…

Aquarius April

Pisces on the weekend

The good news for you is that in a couple of days there will be three planetary conjunctions in the sky: Moon-Mars, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, which means everything will be grist to your mill, literally and figuratively. Seize the opportunity, but don't exploit it!

Pisces April

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