Carlos Sainz won the time trial for the United States Grand Prix and can start from pole

Carlos Sainz won the time trial for the United States Grand Prix and can start from pole

Carlos Sainz Jr She won qualifying practice for the United States Grand Prix on Sunday morning.

It turns out even before the free training Sergio Perez And the Chu Kuan Yew After, after Fernando Alonso And the Charles Locklear The resource items on his car have also been changed. Only the Ferrari driver from Monaco earned a ten-place penalty, the others “got away” with five places. With just 15 minutes before the time trial began, it was revealed that one of Red Bull’s co-founders and co-owners, Dietrich Mateschitz, had passed away.

After these precedents, the drivers who drive the twenty best cars in the world have begun their journey, and the first stage has made great turns, but in addition to these two Haas Daniel RicardoAnd the Esteban Ocon And the Nicholas Latifi popped up. In the second quarter, with the exception of Pierre Gasly’s braking, there wasn’t much action alone Lance Picnic He was able to innovate a lot at the last minute. teammate, Sebastian Viettel Along with this, the Alpha Tauri pilots were also eliminated Alex Albon W ChowWho was punished for leaving the ring, escaped in this way Lando Norris.

The big battle for pole would have followed, which he did alongside the two Ferraris For Max Verstappen He had a realistic chance after seeing the first two stages. The world champion started with a blistering lap on used tyres, but Leclerc outpaced him with a 1:34.624, with Carlos Sainz second, 159 thousandths of a second behind his teammate, and even Lewis Hamilton He also led under 1:35. Verstappen didn’t need more, he came out with a new tire and then ran an extra lap with it.

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But in the end, it was not the Red Bull driver who was the first, but Carlos Sainz. Leclerc was second, but due to a penalty for starting he was ten places behind. Thus Verstappen will have the second starting slot, while Sergio Perez Although he drove the fourth best time, he was fifth behind, so at the time George Russell Slide to the second row With Lewis Hamilton together.

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