Again, many people vote by mail in the United States

Again, many people vote by mail in the United States

In the United States, early voting is taking place with high participation in states where citizens have the opportunity to do so before legislative election day on November 8, according to data from the University of Florida Traditional Elections Project.

By late evening, CET, more than 30 million people have cast their ballots in the 45 federal states where elections are already taking place.

According to numbers available from twenty-three states, 44 percent of voters are registered Democrats, 33 percent are registered Republicans and 22 percent are independents.

The University of Florida’s electoral research also reveals that voters in Georgia and Florida are particularly active in early voting this year. According to public opinion polls, the Republicans have a convincing advantage in Florida, while the state of Georgia, especially with regard to the Senate elections, is considered a swing state, on which even the Senate majority may depend.

Two years before the presidential election day, 101 million Americans voted, in 2018, in the last midterm elections, and the number of citizens who voted in advance was 39 million.

in 2020 Donald Trump And the president warned even before the elections, which he lost, that there might be a problem with postal votes, because according to him, they can be easily manipulated, so there is a risk of fraud. After the presidential election, he called for a complete revision of mail-in ballots, including envelopes.

In the United States, voters in most states can cast their ballots in person or by mail prior to the official election day. Early voting started at different times in different federal states.

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In the United States, the official date for the so-called midterm elections is November 8th. Voters will decide all 435 members of the House of Representatives, as well as 35 new members of the 100-seat Senate. . Thirty-six states will also hold gubernatorial elections, and in many places, US citizens will elect state and other local officials next Tuesday.


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