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“We remember how our sanity was questioned.”

“We remember how our sanity was questioned.”

The government's goal is to raise the current employment rate of 75 percent to 85 percent, so that it can gain new momentum and push the economy to a higher level in the coming period, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto announced on Thursday in Vukto. According to the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the head of the ministry stated during the handover ceremony of the workers’ housing built in the settlement that the government supported the project with 390 million forints, because the facility is of great value. Great importance, because eight to ten kilometers from here will be carried out the largest investment in the history of the Hungarian economy, the expansion of Paks, which represents a great opportunity for the neighborhood as well. He also stated that Foktő's participation will be facilitated by the fact that the new Danube Bridge between Kalocsa and Pakse will be delivered at the beginning of June.

Tens of thousands of people here will invest in PAX during the peak period. They need housing, and we have to house them, and we have to allow them to stay here for the duration of their work

pointed out.

Photo: Kasaba Boss

In his speech, he stressed that the past five years brought three serious crises that disrupted the current state of the global economy, and that these crises imposed particularly great challenges on countries with open economies. According to his words, that is why a big struggle had to be fought in Hungary in order to protect jobs and break inflation, but the government was successful, so our country was able to come out of this situation stronger.

Even during the dramatic crises of recent years, it was possible to protect the common results achieved previously with serious efforts.

He said.

Peter Szijjarto described the basis of success as the fact that the government was committed to its economic strategy of a work-based society, with the help of which the 2010 target of creating one million new jobs in ten years was achieved. – Perhaps we also remember what the so-called experts said at the time, how they mocked us, and how they questioned our rationality (.) Today we have reached that the unemployment rate, which exceeded 13 percent in 2010, is close to 4 percent today. He emphasized that one million more people work in Hungary than 14 years ago. He then described it as a great achievement that Hungary was one of the few countries where more people worked after the coronavirus pandemic than before.

We did not give in to temptations, we did not give in to the opposition, and we were not willing to return to an aid-based economic policy. We insisted that public resources should not be used to finance unemployment, but rather to finance unemployment prevention efforts

He recalled praising the investment promotion programs in recent years.

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