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We met Viki as an RTL TV presenter: she became a professional poker player in Las Vegas – a local star

We met Viki as an RTL TV presenter: she became a professional poker player in Las Vegas – a local star

Feket Sisilasie For more than twenty years, he was a correspondent for the newspaper Fókusz, and was beloved by television viewers. He knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a reporter, so he did everything he could to pursue his career. He first proved his talent as an editor for Telesport and then for RTL, where he interviewed many world stars.

Twenty years ago, she moved to London and started working for the BBC, then met her husband, with whom she started a family in Canada. the They focus He also talked about how he became a professional poker player abroad.

This is how Vicky Seselassie lives now

Vicki Szelassi will never forget the beautiful memories she made thanks to television in her youth. He always knew that this was his true path, and he fought for his dreams.

-I have very good memories of my time on TV, although you often don’t get what you want or get slapped. It was always my big dream to be a broadcaster, but regardless, I think it was a very good era.

After that, he tried himself in Las Vegas, in the exciting world of poker. He started competing, once achieved second place and became richer with a prize of $993,000. Today, he is still considered among the top 100 poker players, which is a very honorable title.

-I always wore sunglasses and a baseball cap, and I usually wore a hoodie as well. Specifically, because before that I was on TV, where the main thing was your appearance and the viewers paid attention to your gestures. Poker is the exact opposite, and TV’s 15-year history doesn’t go away easily.

cover silasiviktoria

She gave birth to three children, but after giving birth she wanted to lose weight, so she started running marathons, in which she has since achieved better and better results.

– I went out three times a week to run for half an hour and lost the 25-30 kilograms that I gained with my three children in one semester. At first I only did 5km, then 10km, which was also ideal for health purposes. I still participate in small competitions today, because I love this world.

Chaba Azorak today

Csaba Azurák has appeared in countless productions as a reporter, news anchor and presenter. But today he is not on screen.

Cover image: RTL/Fókusz

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