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We can go back anywhere in gaming using one of Sony’s patents

We can go back anywhere in gaming using one of Sony’s patents

We can live the best parts in no time.

We all have our favorite video game moments. Whether it’s an epic boss fight, an unforgettable scene, or just a bad decision, there’s a good chance you won’t always have a save to go back to right away if you decide to relive those moments.

Sony will now offer a potential solution to exactly this, as one of its recently filed patents will create the opportunity to essentially rewind to any point in the given game, to start our adventures over from there.

It also turns out that “Streaming content with launch gameplay(“Stream Content with Game Launch”) introduced by the company at the beginning of November, a series of which were shown Illustration and drawing Also enclosed, which shows the system and its precise working.

Accordingly, it is clear that the individual sequences in the game will be mainly divided into different subsections, the location of which will be determined by the so-called “key points”. These will be the elements that we can come back to later in a matter of seconds and start the selected part again from there.

According to the patent, the system will generate “media contents” by collecting data during gameplay, to which key points will then be linked through a “specific data set.” We can then watch the show on our devices while streaming the media content over a “communications network,” which we can then connect to at those key points whenever we want.

Although the technical background may seem a little more complicated than it needs to be, its practical application would likely be much simpler than this, if it were actually introduced at some point.

Of course, many questions have arisen in connection with this, but it must be said that it is a particularly interesting and useful patent, which will be of great benefit not only to ordinary users, but also to content producers when recording or replaying selected scenes.

What do you think about the patent?

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