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Veszprém is a happier place because there is a community that has been around for 30 years, Zonta (photo gallery)

Veszprém is a happier place because there is a community that has been around for 30 years, Zonta (photo gallery)

Gyula Borja said that there is one thing that distinguishes every society, whether it is a small or even a large society, a nation or even a city: those who can agree on goals, who can create some kind of consensus are successful. According to him, it is not enough for success to have agreement on goals. It is also important that community members are willing to do something for them.

Photo: Lagos Nagy/Nablo

He also spoke about the goal in Veszprém being for the city to belong to the European elite in terms of quality of life. They want to provide the residents of Veszprém with a quality of life that can be experienced in leading cities in Europe. This requires three things: Infrastructure that ensures a good quality of life. On the other hand, the services provided by the city must also be of high quality, and it is also important that residents have access to as many services as possible. At the same time, the form of human relations is also important. Do we notice the needy? Do we care about our environment? Do we care about built heritage? He also asked: How do we deal with local conflicts, or do we notice who is alone and help him? He stressed that the municipality can help with the first two challenges, but the third area will not be able to work without civil organizations. On the other hand, Veszprém is a happier place because there is a women's community that has been around for thirty years, where girls and women work to make this city happier and to make those who live here feel safe.

Peter Ovadi, the region's representative in Parliament, emphasized that the fact that King Istvan gifted Veszprém to Queen Gisela means that Veszprém's identity included respect for women from the beginning. It would be difficult to list how much Vesprem owes to women, but he reminded those present of the great moment, the silent women's demonstration of December 6, 1956, which was a glorious day in Vesprem's history. He stated that we owe a lot to the women, the community and the club who have been doing excellent work in the city and region for thirty years. In his view, there are very strong communities in Veszprém and the region, who can guide other communities across the country. He added that standing up bravely and creating community and friendship are reference activities for the entire community.

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