Shogun SE from Debrecen won the Student Olympics!

One of the semi-finals of the 2023 Student Karate Olympiad was held in Gyeonggi, where 235 karatekas from 25 clubs from 25 federations entered, including Shogun SE, whose fighters finished the competition with 39 medals – 14 gold, 9 silver and 16 bronze – and became a club Debrecen most effective. The juniors did not compete this time, because for them the national championship was a semi-final. The youngsters were prepared by Ksaba Raquez, Bani Balaz, Miklos Nagy and Peter Szoks. Csaba Rácz, club director of Shogun SE, reported that Sensei György Szabó and Senpai Tímea Berencsi acted as referees in the match.

Source: Shogun SE


Form exercise:
– Levante Palace kiss first place
– Ákos Kozma 1st place
– Flora Uszkai First place
First place Roland Terbócs
– Viktória Rácz 2nd place
– Bessenyei Csongor 2nd place
Marton Fago second place
Laurent Varga Milan second place
– Dániel Remenyik 3rd place
– Rita Sabo, third place
– Third place Blanca Nagy
– Third place, Bens Tarr
– Janka Uszkai 3rd place
– Third place, Barnabas Ezzini
Third place: Levente Ungvari

– First place Zoltán Feczko
– Adam Al-Ali, first place
– Anna Karab first place
– Bessenyei Csongor 1st place
– First place Daniel Reminik
– Máté Tóth first place
– First place Greta Solyom
– Petra Sabo first place
– Flora Uszkai First place
– First place Laurent Varga Milan
– Second place Karap Virág
– Anna Sutor 2nd place
Christophe Ksorba, second place
Mark Berényi Imre, second place
– Viktória Rácz 2nd place
Third place Roland Terbócs
Barnabas Liszt, third place
– kos Kozma third place
– Péter Szabó Nimród Third place
– Third place, Bens Tarr
Third place, Benedyk Gjorickska
– Third place Balázs Benedek Vass
– Léna Pósán Third place
Third place is Peter Reminik

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