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Veronica Nikos can prove it in two age groups this year

Veronica Nikos can prove it in two age groups this year

Veronica Nikos confidently won the first qualifying race of the year between an under-17 team in the 73-pound field; The 16-year-old wrestler from DKSE-KIMBA is already going to prove this year among the U20s.

At the beginning of February, the first national selection competition of the year was held at the Hungarian Wrestling Academy Istvan Kuzma in Sibyl, where the best trainees (U17) compared their skills.

In the 73kg girls category, she competed in KSE and KIMBA in the colors of Dunaújváros. Nikos Veronica He won the competition, finished third in last year’s European Championships and finished fifth in the World Cup. For a long time before the current national team, the 16-year-old athlete was hampered by an injury.

Veronica Nikos confidently won the first selection competition of the year for a U-17 team. Source: UWW / MBSZ

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to prepare for a perfect bout in recent months as I suffered a thigh-like muscle sprain at a training camp last October and the injury eventually turned out to be more severe than expected. This is a particularly annoying injury, it only heals slowly. For this reason, I could not wrestle at all for about two months, and could not even run.During this time, I was mostly strengthening in the gym, while of course going with the injury for several treatments.However, after a two-month hiatus, I still My thighs hurt – obviously, not as much as before, but unfortunately I felt minimal. In the meantime, I gradually started training again, and although it is not real yet, I am getting much better now” Happy Nikos for Youth Sports.

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Only three in his weight class competed in the selection of trainees, but Reaper Purple And blonde timea He also beat it very convincingly. In addition to the U17s, Nyikos will prove it in the Junior (U20) class by 2022.

Veronica Nikos will already prove it to the junior field this year.  Source: UWW / MBSZ

Veronica Nikos will prove that she really is in the juniors’ field this year • Source: UWW / MBSZ

“The race went smoothly, and the main question was really whether to start, whether it was worth the loss to seventy-three pounds among the cadets, or to start this year to focus more on the seventy-six-pound junior field. In the end, I lost weight. I had to lose five pounds and get the mandatory win very smoothly my longest match can last about half a minute and for me this was a choice mostly to get out of the monotony of my workouts a bit.But overall I’m still not sure of my goal main this year Happy Veronica. – I would like to start in the junior team already, and I feel that I will have a chance to win the national team, that is, to participate in global competitions among the seniors as well. However, in my age group, as a final year student, I can still do great things this year. The bronze medal in last year’s World Cup and fifth place in the World Cup provided a valuable experience in all respects. I know my body better now, when I need it, how can we better define my level, so again, I have a good chance of winning a medal, at least, but even for gold in both the European Championships and the World Cup. “

In January, he is 53 years old Ed Gees A new American coach has arrived in Kimba in person, so youngsters who are preparing for everyday life in Sibel can learn a lot from the well-known but certainly different method of the outside specialist compared to the Hungarian one.

“Already in a tight month one Ed has helped a lot, I definitely feel the positive impact. We are dealing with much more technical elements than we have done so far – and he has shown new things. Most of the time I work with fixed grip elements, I am the strongest in it, but Ed and I focus on The clean free fist technique is with us and I can really feel the progress in it.We’ve fixed some small bugs and as a result, I’m getting more attacks.I’m already doing these new items with confidence in training but so far I haven’t been able to transfer them to the competition yet.Overall I’m so glad Ed joined us, and we can only learn from him.”

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