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Velvet – Check-out – A TikTok user has revealed why Heath Ledger always licks his mouth in the movie Joker

Velvet – Check-out – A TikTok user has revealed why Heath Ledger always licks his mouth in the movie Joker

A fortuitous move led to the Joker's iconic feature in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger's famous lip licking was the result of an unexpected problem. the I'm Heath Ledger According to the secret revealed in the documentary, the actor began licking his lips frequently due to the scars on his prosthetics that were constantly falling off, which eventually became the character's trademark.

“Due to the constant loosening of the prosthetic scars, Heath would often lick his lips to keep them in place. This movement was eventually incorporated into the character's portrayal,” a makeup artist told Entertainment Weekly.

Christian Bale who played Batman For The Hollywood Reporter In an interview, he talked about Ledger's career as an actor.

Heath asked me to hit him at the interrogation site.

“He said the harder I hit him, the more he enjoyed it, which made the scene more intense.”

Heath Ledger received a posthumous Academy Award in recognition of his exceptional performance in portraying the character.

Kim Ledger, Heath's father, recounted in the documentary how much his son isolated himself while preparing for the role.

“Heath locked himself in a hotel room for weeks to gain a deeper understanding of the Joker's personality. During this period he created 'The Joker Diaries', where he conducted a psychological analysis of the character,” said Kim Ledger, Heath Ledger's father.

source: Bible boy

(Cover image: Heath Ledger in the movie Joker. Photo: Getty Images)

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