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Velvet – Celeb – The 6+1 star sticks to her crazy habits tooth and nail

Velvet – Celeb – The 6+1 star sticks to her crazy habits tooth and nail

It has been written many times, in many places, that celebrities are the same as ordinary people. Well, that's certainly true, but there are glaring cases where stars are in some way more “flawed” than the average person.

Jennifer Aniston

According to some sources, Good friends The actress, who rose to fame due to her obsession, sticks to her habit of boarding the plane with her right foot first.

Channing Tatum

Some celebrities leave a lasting impression in the “stomach crimes” arena. the Jump Street-The favorite sandwich in the movies, for example, is the peanut butter and grape jam version. This sounds crazier than an Italian putting pineapple on pizza.

Brad Pitt

Legends spread about the charming actor's obsession with cleanliness. Pitt is so obsessed with his hygiene that he wipes every part of his body with a wet towel during a film break, because everyone uses soap.


The outspoken rapper can only sleep in complete darkness, so wherever he goes, his condition to his host is to provide him with a room that can be completely dark for him to have a restful sleep.

David Beckham

The world-famous football player obsessively hates things around him that are not parallel or perpendicular, so he tries to arrange all the furniture accordingly. His other obsession is that he can't stand odd numbers: if there are three cans of Coke in the fridge, he can throw one away until they are equal again.

Cameron Diaz

Like Pitt and Beckham, he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which manifests itself in the fact that he often opens doors with his elbow instead of his hand.

Megan Fox

The actress often neglects her surroundings as much as she cares about her appearance. Her friends have told her countless times that the star doesn't clean the toilet, which Meghan herself confirmed in an interview: “Sometimes it completely goes out of my head to clean the toilet or clean the house.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor is a fan of short showers, precisely because of environmental protection. According to him, it is not necessary to run water for hours to be clean. It is undoubtedly difficult to argue with this, but it is not an ordinary situation. However, DiCaprio is one of the additional people on our list, as his habit is not an obsession, but rather an example to follow.

(Cover image: David Beckham. Photo: John Phillips/Getty)

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