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VAOL – There is still room on the mirrors

VAOL – There is still room on the mirrors

Eighteen undergraduate graduates, family, friends, flower bouquets, photography, joyful excitement, buffet. The Diploma Exhibition, a landmark, the border situation – “initiation and intervention,” says László Kovacs, art historian and former student of the Szombathely Department, who presents the exhibition as a whole and in its details, placing the exhibition in the position of an art-historical perspective that, in his view, has no effect in Group exhibitions from the beginning were characterized by a competitive nature. On the contrary: the diversity revealed in the exhibition is united by a common spirit, the important characteristic of which is social sensitivity, the interaction between art and everyday life; Her avatar is the recently deceased visual artist and lecturer in the department, Agnes Eszter Szabo. It is the “secret code” of the exhibition, because from it, and through its mediation, the students have obtained the answers to “Question Questions, Life, the Universe, and Everything” that can be found in the “popular culture opus” titled A Guide to the Galaxy for Wanderers. So the answer is “42.” No more, no less.

Bertina Buranets: Stars of Everyday Life (Plaster and Textile)
Photo: Peter Szende

Live with the opportunity

Maybe eighteen. Bertina Buranets, Fani Dora Szovia, Nora Galgoczi, Kristina Eszter Harkasas, Viraj Egali, Karolina Kaman Julia, Mirabelle Veronika Miklos, Frošina Molnar, Emesi Nagy, Edina Szabó, Eniko Takac, Rebeca Varjo Noemi, Jazmin Zelko, Roberta F. Altes, Claudia Kiraly Gabor Kovacs, Annamaria Bayer, and Beatrix Santha Vas search for answers here—about life, the universe, and everything. Drawing, animation, digital graphics, woodbox, collage, sculpture (plaster, textile), digital printing (paper, felt), mixed media (acrylic, lino printing), pen on paper; Complete image plan for fictitious coffee brand, angel card. In the frenzy of the opening, there is a good moment when Lottie Georgina Laško (a second-year student in the department) seizes the opportunity presented to her, asserting her status as both host and co-creator, writes Frozcina Molnar Addiction, being a woman, depression Titled, according to the attached explanation, for one of the elements of his diploma thesis (the series of digital images, digital collage, glass, mirror) that addresses the problems of Generation Z, the mirror equipped with a writing instrument. The mirror is a great topos, a great metaphor – Hamlet asks the actors to “hold up a mirror” (e.g. to Claudius), to say the most obvious. Fruzsina Molnár now literally holds up a mirror. Lottie Georgina Laschko writes “I blame myself” above the mirror. The bottom line is that he doesn't even want to get up. In fact, there is still room on the mirror: there is another similar mirror on the wall with a writing utensil.

Dr. Tibor Lehner, Nora Linkai, Dr. László Borhe, László Kovacs, Suma Horvath, Andrea Burdach
Photo: Peter Szende

It is open until June 1st

The opening of the exhibition was moderated by Andrea Burdach, Head of the Department, and welcomed by Dr. László Borhe, Dean of ELTE, and Soma Horvath, Deputy Mayor also responsible for Culture. The ceremony was attended by University President’s Commissioner Nora Linkai and Dr. Tibor Lehner, Director of ELTE BDPK. The exhibition was held within the framework of the exhibition design course of the Department of Visual Arts within community work. Coordinator: Julia Salamon is a VMT trainer at ELTE BDPK. 42 Open until June 1st.

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