Tournament Director: “The Australian Open will not be missed”

The tournament director at the Australian International Tennis Championships said confidently After nearly six hundred players, coaches and officials were placed in quarantine again on Wednesday because an employee tested positive for the Coronavirus in a hotel in Melbourne where they were busy.

We are fully confident in organizing the competition. First, we need to test 160 players and their staff, about 500 people even though we know the chances of them getting infected are very slim. “We expect them all to be passive,” said Craig Tilly, “and from tomorrow the match could go as planned.”

Australia therefore applies particularly stringent quarantine rules to those entering the country There is much criticism of the government for allowing hundreds of people from all over the world to attend the Tennis Open.

“Letting tennis players enter the country sooner than Australians who want to return home doesn’t seem to be looking good,” says Laura Holly, a Melbourne resident, that they are limiting our freedom and comfort due to the coronavirus, but are risking hosting a tennis tournament.

The fights of the Australian Open will begin on Monday. The competition will be started by three Hungarians, Timmy Papos, the defending champion of the women’s doubles, Marton Vosovic and Atila Balaz.

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