Many students turn their backs on Hungarian higher education

Currently, 16,000 Hungarian students study at foreign higher education institutions, most of them at a Western European university. Balázs Lévai, Executive Director of Engame Academy, said that in the 2021 and 2022 academic year, the number of Hungarian students studying abroad increased by 20 percent compared to 2016. They face a 4-5 percent increase each year.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, according to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), the number of students studying in higher education in Hungary has remained stable and was about 280 thousand years ago.

However, looking behind the total numbers reveals

The number of Hungarian students studying full-time increased by only 1.9 percent, which is lower than the proportion of those who choose to continue their studies abroad, seeing an increase of 7.2 percent in one year.

– said Palaz Levi.

That’s why they go abroad

Among the main reasons to study abroad, students identified a higher quality education, better job opportunities later, independence, acquisition of language skills and more modern learning methods.

long Austria , Germany And that United kingdom It was the most popular destination, but due to Brexit, the island country lost its prestige, since the same conditions no longer apply to EU students, including Hungarian students, as those who come from outside the EU – said Palaz Levy.

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Photo: Balázs Lévai is the Managing Director of Engame Academy

He emphasized: In preparing students preparing for university abroad, they focus on three important things: career guidance, skills development, and usable English.

The most popular destination countries among the 2022 graduates who attended Engame Academy preparatory courses, Holland, IrelandAnd the HungaryThis is it United kingdom, AustriaAnd the Denmark And the Germany They may have been. For those who venture outside, it is United States of America next to Canada, Australia, Japan And the Abu Dhabi It can also be considered.

In the island nation, the number of Hungarian students fell by 71 percent for the 2022 academic year, while 1,100 applied in 2021, and this year only 315 students attempted to enter a British university.

The main reason for this is that the international tuition fee has to be paid, the student loan has been canceled and a student visa is needed, the expert said.

The Netherlands has become the favourite

According to Balázs Lévai, Dutch universities are at the top of the ranking, with student numbers increasing by 34 percent in one year.

While in 2020, 1,479 in 2021 will be able to study in the Netherlands.

For example, he said the annual tuition fee is about 2,168 euros (800-900 thousand fort), they have nine universities in the top 200, and there is a large selection of courses in English. At the same time, housing is a problem, so anyone wishing to study in the Netherlands should get a tent, he suggested.

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The audience of students who want to study in England is now choosing Holland, and Amsterdam has practically been invaded by students, which is why one of the largest student associations asked the Dutch government to reduce the number of English courses, and thus reduce the number of foreign students.

Denmark And the Ireland It is also very popular, mainly because there are no tuition fees in higher education. Last year, 1,207 Hungarian students studied in the Scandinavian country, but a change is expected here too, Palaz Levy said, since there were 4,000 fewer English training places than last year. 913 people studied in Ireland last year, and 761 in 2020.

Photo: Enjam Academy

From Germany And the Austria Choose, they can also find free higher education, but there is little English training. In 2020, 3,300 students studied in Austria and 2,600 students chose Germany.

Among the foreign college electorate, the social and business sciences as well as the arts were the most popular.

In response to a question, Balázs Lévai said: It is usual for those who wish to continue their studies abroad to apply to a university in Hungary. 300 students attend Engame Academy each year, and they have students from over 90 high schools. In the previous academic year, the Academy’s 102 students received 365 offers of admission, usually each student applied for 3-4 places, and everyone was accepted somewhere.

According to their previous research, where 500 students were asked about their goals after studying abroad, a third of the students said they wanted to stay abroad, a third of the students said they wanted to return home, and a third of them were unsure.

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