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Top 5 Kevin Costner Movies – Guys + Video

Top 5 Kevin Costner Movies – Guys + Video

Costner quickly reached the pinnacle of his career: A.J Whitney Houston Acts as a bodyguard More than a bodyguardthe Robin Hood, Lord of Thieves And Oliver Stone JFK-Open File His film was also a huge success. His career was also surrounded by serious failures. the Water world And the Future Herald They are classified as notorious financial and professional bankruptcies In Hollywood. She also appeared on the pages of popular newspapers several times. He was married twice and has seven children. In 2012, the three-part miniseries premiered on the History Channel, A Hatfield-McCoy feudR, which also appears in it. The series achieved a record number of views, reaching nearly 14 million views. It tells an American story that actually happened, and showcases a legendary family feud. Costner won an Emmy Award for this role. Also worth noting is the programming offered by the Showtime streaming service in Hungary Yellowstone The series in which Costner plays John Dutton, the head of a Montana ranch family and owner of the largest estate in the United States. Yellowstone tells the story of Dutton’s struggle to protect his land and keep his family together. As you can read in the introduction, he has also achieved success in the music world with his band A Kevin Costner and the Modern West They play traditional country rock with a band named after them

Kevin Costner and his band at the Barcelona Festival in 2014 (Photo: AFP/Kiki Garcia)

This also clearly shows Costner’s attraction to the world of westerns. In our new short series, we’re starting with a classic Western, Comrades in Arms (Open Range), which came in at No. 5 on our top list.

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5. Comrades in Arms (2003)

The film was directed by Kevin Costner himself. This is his third film, which also marks him as a director. The screenplay was written by Craig Storper based on Laurent Payne’s novel The Open Range Men. With an exciting cast. The main characters Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner, Annette Bening, Michael Gambon, Michael Jeter, Diego Luna, James Russo, Ibrahim Benrubi, Dean McDermott And Kim Coates She was. The film is a classic Western with all its elements. The creators wanted to stay in the United States, because Costner imagined the story in the mountains of Montana, and this did not happen due to many things, but also the fact that the famous old Hollywood Western sets were no longer available. So they decided to film in Canada. After several months, we were able to find the right locations. Perhaps the most important of these is the fictional city of Harmonville, which is located west of Calgary, A Stoney Nakoda First Nations They found themselves in a reserve – reads the film In his journalistic material.

Photo: UIP-Duna film

the story

The film is set in the Wild West and has all the elements of a classic western. It shows a specific period in American history, the end of the era when there was still free land that no one owned. Cowboys who roamed, herded their cattle and lived off the land, like Charlie, Boss, Moz, and Boone in the movie, developed a culture of their own. The four main characters must band together to fight the injustice committed by a cruel landowner. As these brave men prepare for the decisive battle, they must also confront their demons.

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Interesting facts

The movie had a lot of income and was a success, grossing $68.3 million at the box office. Before filming of the city scenes could begin, a two-kilometre-long dirt road had to be built through the reserve. But no sooner had they overcome this obstacle than spring came. The road was flooded with melting snow, and many were wondering how vehicles would drive on it. The trucks finally arrived and construction of Harmonville could begin. Construction on site took nine weeks, preceded by four weeks of extensive research and design in Los Angeles. Visual designer Jay Bockey and his team attempted to reconstruct the era based on historical books and contemporary images.

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