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TikTok will entice Twitter users with the ability to post text messages

TikTok will entice Twitter users with the ability to post text messages

Video-sharing platform TikTok announced on Monday that it will allow its users to create plain text posts, writes the Guardian. With this move, are they trying to win over these Twitter users – or those using their new names? – who are tired of the Elon Musk-led platform and are looking for new alternatives instead.

TikTok presented this opportunity with some great marketing text, describing the ability to post personas as “expanding the boundaries of content creation for everyone” and “giving private space to written creativity in comments, captions, and videos.”

It’s amazing where the technology is heading by 2023, users will be able to add colorful backgrounds and stickers to posts that are less than 1000 words long. The feature has also been compared to Instagram, where posts can be commented on.

Viktor Orbán could also benefit from the new functionality, as he continues to promote it in social media: after joining Facebook in 2010, by 2023 he announced that his account had been active for six months: Already on TikTok.

Twitter owner Elon Musk replaced Twitter’s iconic bird logo with an X starting Monday. The rebranding can be seen as a renaming of the company: Musk has repeatedly indicated in recent months that Twitter is facing a significant drop in ad revenue and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Also, earlier this month, Meta launched a competing social media platform called Threads. Threads had over 100 million registered users in its first week, but then the growth stalled and they lost 30 million users in two weeks.

Musk bought Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion, after which he began a comprehensive restructuring. Mass layoffs, multimillion-dollar disputes, and alleged post-purchase dismissal disagreements.

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