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This is why the English language rules the world

This is why the English language rules the world

English is the Esperanto of the world. This clause-like sentence includes two clauses. On the one hand, English is the world language, a lingua franca, and on the other hand, Esperanto fails to fulfill this role. Presumably the reason for the latter is that Esperanto never had a serious political and economic power behind it, and had no imagination or culture of its own. Globalization is the main driving force behind the expansion of the English language, but the opposite is also true: the English language contributes to the expansion of globalization with its tools. Of course, there had been a global language before, for example Latin, which was dominant in antiquity for centuries thanks to the successful conquests of the Roman Empire. Naturally, the concept of a world language must be interpreted in a limited way at the time, as Latin was largely dominant within the borders of Europe.

Are there limits to Anglo-Saxon dominance? Image: Pexels

English is the language of global communication thanks to the fact that the United States and Great Britain are dominant and powerful politically, economically, and culturally. Who speaks English? First of all, it is clear that those whose mother tongue is: residents of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Secondly, residents of former colonies such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Guyana. In these countries, a portion of the population uses it as a second language in addition to their mother tongue. These are usually called pidgin, which plays the role of an intermediate language and means a mixed language acquired as a second language.

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