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They found strange creatures in a cave in Romania

They found strange creatures in a cave in Romania

The extraordinary ecosystem has exceeded our imagination many times, and this happened in Mauville Cave as well. Members of a research group set out to conduct a comprehensive examination of the organisms found there, but the end result also surprised them. Take us to a hidden cave in Romania full of terrifying surprises!

Where to find it?

Movil Cave is located in Romania, in Constanta County, on the Black Sea coast. The cave is located near the city of Mangalia on the Dobrogea plateau. This area has special geographical and geological characteristics, and the cave is also part of the karst formations found here. Its discovery in 1986 was a milestone in science, and since then it has attracted researchers and interested people around the world.

What makes Mauville Cave special?

Movil Cave, RomaniaSource: Promedia

The cave is very interesting because it hides a completely enclosed ecosystem. It has been isolated from the outside world for a long time, so its organisms have had to adapt to the isolated conditions underground in order to survive. The cave ecosystem differs significantly from the surface environment, as there are conditions below where photosynthesis is impossible.

Moviles are primarily inhabited by microorganisms and the organisms that feed on them, which live in an oxygen-free environment and use energy from sources with a specific chemical composition.

Scientists discovered that 51 different species of animals live in the cave, including 34 species that are found only here in the world. Organisms include bacteria, fungi, arthropods, and other microscopic organisms. The Movile Cave ecosystem is of great interest to science because it can help us understand how life evolves and survives in extreme conditions like those found there.

How to visit the cave?

Those interested in the cave can contact Romanian environmental authorities or research institutes involved in local exploration. They can provide interested parties with detailed information about the rules and licensing process for visiting.

Source: Movile Cave/Facebook/Valentin Kiss

The cave system can only be visited by registered and formally trained tour guides. During the tours, visitors can admire the different vertical and water cavities, stalactite formations and different manifestations of cave plants discovered so far – we learned from From the promotions article.

In the following video, we provide an idea for those who cannot get to the place.


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