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Pro Scientia is a young teacher from Szombathely

Pro Scientia is a young teacher from Szombathely

On a more serious note, there are only three children dealing with playful enjoyment of teaching techniques. Barbara Zirai, a student majoring in Gender Studies at ELTE SEK, and a teacher at ELTE Bolyai Jnos High School and Gymnasium, recognized her progress by receiving the prestigious award, the Gold Medal of Pro Scientia, in the National Scientific Dance of Dukri. We talked about the role that the scientific achievements of young talents play in the success of school teaching methods.

the Pro Scientia Gold Medal The Prize can be awarded to a young person who, in addition to consistently achieving academic results, participating in conferences and international publishing, delivers significant scientific performance in his or her chosen career field – and also represents social renewal and important innovation for the future. What motivates you to do this when you're 20?

– It all started with passion since childhood I love board gamesMy collection is huge. In my experience, self-immersion is a real social experience in which we talk to each other, fight for a goal as a team, and experience tolerance and empathy. These are the competencies that I believe the future generation will (also) need most in everyday life and in the world of work. So, when between 2018/22 LTPDBK I was a professional teacher and student, and during my internship I met my undergraduate students and decided to try the power-enhancing effect of a board game in the classroom as well.

I definitely wanted to teach in a way that my students would enjoy learning and developing while doing age-appropriate activities at school. I myself made a card game based on proverbs, and then brought Creativity Hub's Sztoriocka game, and a conclusion-based detective game called Black Stories for juniors, into my mother tongue and literature lessons. During the fun lessons, my students' motivation and learning attitude improved significantly, the number of interactions with each other increased, and they communicated with each other more patiently. He thought it would be beneficial to stay on this path and take it seriously Possibilities of intonation for lessonswith.

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– In 2021, I took home a special award, then in 2023 with first place and the Pro Scientia Hope Award from the National Student Circle Conferences.

– Yes, these conferences are wonderful experiences and wonderful successes in my life, which show that what I started can be useful in the work of teachers, and can help renew the teaching methods used in schools. Associate Professor Dr. Ildiko Kos is my academic advisor. His professional knowledge and scientifically deep questions always encourage me to step out of my familiar zone, go to my limits… and even a little further. With him we developed research plans for a series of 2 x 30-hour mother tongue sessions using board games, and during their implementation between 2020 and 2023 we measured the development of students’ understanding and ability to generate text using different linguistic tools. And internationally standardized indicators.

Nowadays, we often hear that students of the Internet generation have a weak ability to interpret texts. They find it difficult to see beyond the literal content, they hardly communicate with each other verbally, and they prefer to sit alone in front of the Internet. I can say that my teachers and I are proud of the fact that we have been able to prove that the use of board games in primary education can successfully change this trend, while also creating a fun and exciting learning path for children.

-what he does Pro Scientia Gold Medal?

The Pro Scientia Gold Award is not a reward for a specific scientific or artistic achievement, but rather a combined recognition of the ongoing life path of a student committed to science and the life path of a mentor. Therefore, it is a great responsibility, because our results are public, and through them we can influence the quality of life of others, all of us. This is also an opportunity. In the Great Hall of the Academy of Music, Professor Tamas Freund, President of the MTA, and Professor Tamas Weiszburg, President of the OTDT, presented the tributes.

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They both emphasized that during OTDK research, it is helpful to choose a topic that is interesting to us, interesting and challenging. It contains our individuality, ourselves. I believe my profession is teaching, which can work well if it is in tune with the future needs of the students and the environment. For me, the academic path provides the foundation for this, because I am interested in how to achieve harmony in my daily school work.

Text: Dr. Ildiko Kos

Cover photo: Abel Farkas

picture: At the awards ceremony in the Great Hall of the Academy of Music, Professor Dr. Tamas Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Barbara Zeray, Dr. Ildiko Koos and Prof. Tamas Weiszborg, President of OTDT

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