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These two things provide Counter-Strike 2 with a lot of FPS, but there is a small catch

These two things provide Counter-Strike 2 with a lot of FPS, but there is a small catch

The community has been sweating Valve’s game over the past few weeks. Counter-Strike 2 fans have found the commands really useful this time around.

11.09.2023 – Counter-Strike 2 is based on the Source 2 engine introduced in 2015, which is also a development of Valve’s own company. The Source 2 engine requires significantly more resources, but there is still a lot to improve. The developers are constantly working on this, and based on the current feedback and volume, it may be easier for them than before. Several updates have been received in the past week, and this could be encouraging for the future.

Water is great

Obviously, Source 2 exploits the power of video cards much better. This will be useful later, but in the current somewhat non-optimal situation, it can also cause problems. Those users who have reached the limit of playability with CS:GO will struggle with the switch. During our Counter-Strike 2 tests, it also quickly became apparent that water-related effects were robbing players of a lot of valuable frames. This is especially noticeable in antiquity and some places in Anubis, but it leaves its mark on almost every cycle. It seems like there might be a solution to this, but there is a big problem.

Some Counter-Strike 2 commands are currently protected

CS:GO and all Valve games allow you to enter different commands. Some of these games can be easily modified by players, while the other part is protected by “sv_cheats”, which players can only play on their own servers. However, in the case of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has not allowed many commands that do not give players an unfair advantage.

the r_csgo_water_effets And r_csgo_water_refraction The command was first discovered by a Polish streamer and was later tested by the Counter-Strike 2 ThourCS data miner. On more powerful devices, the difference can reach 200 FPS, but even on a weaker device, an increase of 15-30% per second can be observed. It does not give an advantage, so there is a good chance that soon anyone will be able to freely adjust the water quality. One thing is for sure, a lot of people will be happy with this move.

Do Counter-Strike 2 servers really have 64 tags? “That’s why it doesn’t matter.”

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