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The woman opened her packed salad: she could not believe her eyes when she looked inside – the balcony

The woman opened her packed salad: she could not believe her eyes when she looked inside – the balcony

Various packaged salads found in supermarkets are becoming increasingly popular, because they can speed up the cooking process and are very healthy. However, an Australian woman recently received a shocking surprise when she opened a can of fresh spinach while cooking. Because there was a frog hiding in it, It was revealed in the Mirror article.

Frog in power

The US Epidemiological Agency warns that customers should definitely wash packaged salads after opening them, because they may contain dangerous bacteria. In addition to pathogens, unfortunately, sometimes small animals can also get into the packaging.

For example, an Australian woman was preparing a plate of pasta when she discovered a tiny frog in the spinach she bought from a Woolworths supermarket. A frog got into the mix, and the woman recorded the incident and shared it on TikTok.

Based on the comments below the video, most people considered the situation funny. According to one commentator, for example, the woman’s recipe is likely French, while another prefers to prepare the food without the frog because he is allergic to the animal. A third commenter said we should be grateful for the extra protein in a salad in the midst of a subsistence crisis.

Regarding the incident, a spokesperson for the supermarket chain said that the company has strict safety regulations and such cases should not occur. The woman was of course compensated for the inconvenience.

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You certainly won’t see anything funnier than these frogs today: the Internet has got them

Get to know the common frog yourself.

Photos: Getty Images Hungary

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