Researchers fly into the eyes of Hurricane Ida - literally shocking video

Researchers fly into the eyes of Hurricane Ida – literally shocking video

Of course, anyone who is excited before flying should not look.

In recent days, Hurricane Ida swept In the Caribbean, southern United States, Louisiana and Mississippi. The hurricane, which started four times as strong but later eased, caused winds of up to 230 kilometers per hour.

Indy100 is about that IrishThat NOAA WP-3D Orion # NOAA43 Miss Piggy flew over the Gulf of Mexico during a direct research flight on the Ida Route. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Office has since also released a stunning in-flight video, showing the camera’s cockpit camera shake as pilots visibly bouncing up and down and the plane grappling with strong turbulence.

The cockpit eventually stops shaking when it reaches the eyes of Hurricane Ida which are 25-50 kilometers in diameter and the sky disappears. By the time they got here, they should have rested because hurricanes have the least surface pressure.

CNN reported that Hurricane Ida knocked out power to thousands of people’s homes in New Orleans and destroyed homes and people died along the way, but even the flow of the Mississippi River was reversed.

Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards In preparation for the hurricane, he said:

It will be much stronger than what we usually see, and frankly, if we were to plot the worst possible path for a tornado in Louisiana, it would be very, very close to what we see now.

Despite the fact that the hurricane was weak when it hit the ground and was reclassified to a Category Triple, it was measured that the storm’s speed was still up to 200 kilometers per hour, recalls Indy 100.

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Joe Biden The president promised that once the danger is over, his government will be ready to help those affected.

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