The US Vice President also talked about the collapse in Afghanistan

Kamala Harris held talks in Singapore with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Halimah Yacob. Harris’ tour of Singapore and Vietnam strengthens partnerships in the region and aligns with Washington’s efforts to offset China’s growing economic and security influence in the region.

However, the press conference held with Prime Minister Lee focused on issues related to the situation in Afghanistan. Also this time, Kamala Harris did not want to answer the merits of a reporter’s question about what the United States should have done differently during the withdrawal. That said, there will be plenty of time to analyze what happened.

Right now, however, we’re just focused on evacuating American citizens, working with us and vulnerable Afghans, including women and children, which is the only thing we’re focused on right now.

said the politician in Washington.

In this regard, the British news agency (Reuters) indicated that US President Joe Biden was criticized at home and abroad for his handling of the withdrawal and the chaotic evacuation following the withdrawal and the Taliban’s seizure of power.

Lee Hsien Loong expressed the hope that “Afghanistan will not become a nest of terrorism again.” He added that Singapore had offered transport planes to evacuate people from Afghanistan.

Kamala Harris said that during her visit she wanted to emphasize and strengthen enduring US relations with Singapore and the region, as well as a shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Singapore is one of the strongest regional partners of the United States on security issues, and has deep trade relations between the two countries. However, the dwarf country in Southeast Asia seeks to balance its relations with the United States and China, not to capture either end.

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While visiting Kamala Harris The two parties signed several security agreements, including expanding cooperation in the field of cybersecurity in the financial sector. A statement from the US Vice President’s office revealed agreements on climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, among other things.

This is Kamala Harris’ second overseas trip as Vice President of the United States, and the first was to Guatemala and Mexico in June. He will visit Vietnam after Singapore – and he will be the first US Vice President to visit Indochina.

Cover photo source: Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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