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The Ukrainian president came to London for a surprise visit
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The Ukrainian president came to London for a surprise visit

Volodymyr Zelensky had a whirlwind European promotional tour last week, and is now capping it off with an unexpected visit to London.

The President of Ukraine surprised the world this morning with a tweet announcing that he would visit his friend “Rishi” (also known as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak) and meet with him face to face.

On Thursday, the United Kingdom announced that it would supply long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. At the same time, the German government announced that it was preparing the largest arms package for Kiev.

The unexpected visit to London is the crowning achievement of the diplomatic series

According to a statement from the British government, Sunak will reinforce the importance of providing Ukraine with a broader arms support package. The meeting will take place at the official residence of the Prime Minister, Checkers, where the Ukrainian President has already arrived.

According to the prime minister We must not leave Ukraine alone and reward countries that support Vladimir Putin’s barbarism.

It is not known whether the aim of the meeting is only to build trust, or whether there will be specific topics, but according to a British source, “there is always work to be done.” For example, it could be the delivery of hundreds of anti-aircraft missiles and military drones.

The meeting can last several hours. In February, Zelensky had already visited London, when he was the third. He also paid his respects to King Charles and addressed the members of the British Parliament.

During his quick visit to Europe, the Ukrainian president met with Pope Francis, Italian Prime Minister Meloni, German Chancellor Schultz and French President Macron. He discussed with political leaders additional military shipments, including French armored personnel carriers.

The current visit to London is also in preparation for the annual summit meeting of the G-7, where Zelensky is also an official guest. The meeting will take place this weekend in Hiroshima, Japan.

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