The tournament is lost, Gyergyó defeated Fradi –

In the fifth game of the final of the International Ice Hockey League (Erste Liga), Gyergyói HK won 5-1 against FTC at home, making it 3-2 in a game that lasted until the fourth round of the match.

Bodós have postponed their tournament ceremony for the time being (Photo: Gyergyói HK)

In the fifth match of the final, the possibility of obtaining the fourth victory, that is, the championship title, and the hope of survival, and against postponing the championship: this is how the Monday night match can be summed up briefly. Its first third brought on somewhat cautious play, and although both teams had chances to take the lead within the first 20 minutes, it looked like there wouldn’t be any goals until half-time, when Christopher Bodeau hit the long shot after the first. The man defended the advantage of the match from a right throw-in after passing to Sebastien Silvestre half a minute before the match whistle.

The scenario of the game didn’t change much in the second act, with the small difference that the referees had more work to do at that point, as they also gave two doubles exposure. Apart from that, both teams played solid hockey, and both brigades tried to hit the goal in roughly equal numbers – Gergely Arani of Ferencváros, who really had his team on the back during the playoffs, had to show bigger saves, but gave up again at the end of the third period: Sylvester’s several shot attempts were already caged, and the Canadian drilled in the rebound from close range.

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“We came back to this room after 40 minutes, being two goals down, so we can be confident, and the picture of the match is not bad.” – said Ferencvaros captain Gergo Nagy in front of the M4 Sport camera, which broadcast the match during the second half.

Well, in the last chapter, the teams were really excited, and at first it seemed that Gergio Nagy would not be right, because veteran defender Gergio, silver medalist of the Finnish national team in 2014, Jiri Martinen slapped the ball into Arani’s goal after Bodo’s goal. Pass. But just over twenty seconds later, Torbuch Martin scored with Rasmus Kolmala at the end of a great individual formation – again the difference was two goals. The guests tried to take advantage of their psychological superiority, and the home team relied on quick countermeasures, so the final part brought a truly vibrant game, and Guerrero scored another goal after another bouncing puck: Peter Vinczi restored the home team’s advantage by three goals. More than 6 minutes of normal time. The visiting coach, Fodor Zabolcs, took a risk with three-and-a-half minutes remaining and called on goalkeeper Gergely Arani, but Gergio finished the match after only ten seconds: Urban Prince scored from his third goal into the empty net. The green and white team, the opening of the tournament has been postponed to today.

Game 6 of the final takes place on Wednesday at Tüskecsarnok in Budapest, Ferencváros leading 3-2, so they could be champions at home if they win.

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Erste league
Final 5
(1–0, 1–0, 3–1)
Gergiostemmichos, 1250
view. a: Babic, Sos, Muzik, Kısı Kirali
Rin – Haranen (1), Martinen 1 (1) / FJS, Surrey / Imre (1), Zs. Kuzma (1) – Bodo 1 (1), B. Urban 1 (1), Sylvester 1 (3) / silo (1), Szigeti, Tranca/Cszár, DiDiomete, Vincze P. 1 / Judge J. trainer: Zoltán Szilassy
Arani – Hrabal, Marfa / Poros, Mesikamen / Karminiemi, Mateh Serigili / Kochsma – Kolmala 1, Nagy G, Turboch (1) / Betteridge, Sailio, Sointu / Bán, Farkas Lőrinc, Tóth A. / Galántai, Kozma D., Gergő Tóth. trainer: Fodor Zabolks
Shot on goal:
45 – 33
Target Advantage – Man:
1/0 or 3/0
Disciplinary punishment: 10 disciplinary minutes (Judge Gergo)
master scale
Zoltán Szilassy:
The reverse choreography was performed as in the previous game. We scored two goals and when we put Frady under pressure, we scored more. It is not always the dominant team that wins, but the team that rebounds the ball is more fortunate. Our pain tolerance must be very high, and we want to bring the chain back to Gyergyószentmiklós.
Fodor Zabolks:
– Gyergyó started the match very well, we were very accurate at the beginning and couldn’t take our chances. Transylvania showed what a good team they had, and they deserved to win. Playoffs like this, the team that plays better doesn’t always score. We’ll have to renew until Wednesday.

The order of the duel until the fourth victory of one side: 3-2 the FTC Favor

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