Mob: There will be a vote of confidence in Krisztián Kulcsár

Mob: There will be a vote of confidence in Krisztián Kulcsár

Our newspaper has learned that by means of a circular sent on Monday evening, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Olympic Committee held an extraordinary public meeting on December 30, at the initiative of President Christian Kolksar.

Krisztián Kulcsár President of MOB since 2017 (Photo: Attila Török)

The Extraordinary General Meeting will have only two items on the agenda: a report by the President and a vote of confidence in Krisztián Kulcsár.

In the ranks of Hungarian sports and MOB membership, more and more people objected to the work of the organization led by Krisztián Kulcsár, the president’s leadership style. Our magazine also reported that the number of members of the General Assembly has fallen dramatically in two steps in the recent period, and many Olympic champions and legendary athletes have been excluded from MOB membership, as have representatives of various sports organizations.

According to the latest articles of incorporation, a significant part of the members of the new general meeting could have been nominated by the presidency of the MOB, but this did not happen, and the presidency stopped the controversial process. By the end of November, it could be sensed that the presidency and most of the members did not accept the changes and the aspirations behind them.

As mentioned, the Hungarian Coaches Association, whose president, Zoltan Molnar, the former general secretary of MOB, has resigned his honorary membership, also reported that the MOB had previously swept Zoltán Novotny’s notes on the new draft statute. MOB’s membership to the Honorary President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association also expired after several decades).

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Krisztián Kulcsár became president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee in May 2017, and was re-elected in June 2020.

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