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The speech of the British Minister of Defense raised a lot of dust, according to him, what he said was “a bit of a misinterpretation”.

The speech of the British Minister of Defense raised a lot of dust, according to him, what he said was “a bit of a misinterpretation”.

Speaking to reporters from British media companies at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Ben Wallace made his frank statements, which caused a sensation around the world, among other things, that the Western alliance “Not Amazon home deliveryHe added that he would draw Ukraine’s attention to the fact that Western countries are handing over their stocks of weapons to it and

Ukraine will do the right thing if it “shows gratitude” for Western military assistance so far.

On the same day, at the closing press conference of the NATO summit in Vilnius, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – barely dismissing privately the words of his defense minister – stated: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed his gratitude on several occasions About everything that the Western allies do for Ukraine.

Ben Wallace, in a Ukrainian-language post on Twitter on Sunday, said the aid is for Ukraine.His remarks are of serious interest Somewhat misinterpreted.

You said that Ukraine sometimes needs to realize that it does not have as strong support in many countries and in some parliaments as in Britain.

Wallace said in his tweet.

The British Defense Secretary described it as fortunate that British citizens and all British parliamentary parties support aid to Ukraine, but stressed that it must also be addressed.who still need convincing“.

He referred to the most recent polling data that More than 70 percent of Britons agree to support Ukraine. Wallace emphasized that this is among the highest subsidy rates in Europe. He explained his statements about Amazon as follows: he wanted to draw attention to the fact that relations between Great Britain and Ukraine Not for commercial transactionsIt is based on partnership.

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Speaking to Britain’s Sunday Times Sunday, Wallace also revealed this He wants to leave his ministerial position after the next government reshuffleHe will not run in the British parliamentary elections next year either.

Cover photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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